Dehumidifier Bag – Reusable

  • Dehumidifier for your van or 4×4
  • Absorbs excess moisture in the air
  • Reduces condensation and damp
  • For clear windscreen and windows




This dehumidifier bag reduces moisture levels inside your van or 4×4. It helps prevent condensation which can cause foggy windows, damp, mould growth, musty smells, corrosion, upholstery stains, damage to electronics and any contents you may have inside e.g. blankets, tools and materials.

  • Reusable Dehumidifier Bag
  • Absorbs up to 40% of its weight in moisture
  • Blue cloth bag with blue/pink indicator
  • Contains 350g of Activated Silica Gel
  • Made from Eco-friendly materials
  • Size = H200mm x W115mm x D35mm


How it Works
Place the bag on the dashboard, parcel shelf, door pocket, under seat or in the boot.
Granules inside the bag will slowly absorb excess moisture from inside your vehicle.
After about a month, the blue dot on the bag will turn pink to indicate it’s full.
Simply dry the bag out naturally, on a radiator or in a microwave.
The pink dot will turn blue when its dry and ready to use again.

Suitable for use in cars, vans, pickup trucks, motorhomes, caravans, garages and sheds