Dog Guard – Tubular (Headrest Mounted)

  • Heavy duty dog guard for large and small dogs
  • Universal fit for 4×4, SUV and estate vehicles
  • Mounted to front or rear seat headrest supports
  • Adjustable height and width – No tools required


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Heavy duty tubular dog guard mounted to the headrest supports. Ideal for transporting large and small dogs safely and securely in your 4×4, suv or estate.

  • Heavy duty tubular dog guard with adjustable width and height
  • Mounted to rear headrest supports to save boot space
  • Space between upright bars adjusts to fit different headrests
  • Fits standard removable headrests with two metal supports
  • Easy to install, no tools required, fitting instructions supplied
  • 2 x upright and 4 x horizontal tubular bars, 2 x mounting clamps


This dog guard can also be mounted to the front seat headrests in certain vehicles, allowing you to fold the rear seats flat and provide more room for your dog.
Dog guards create a safe and secure environment inside the vehicle for you and your dog. They prevent dogs from jumping into the front seat or being thrown forward due to severe braking.

Overall width of dog guard = 76cm min to 166cm max
Height from base of headrest to roof = 27cm min to 59cm max
Distance between centre of headrests = 25cm min to 90cm max
Not suitable for vehicles with panoramic sunroofs