Ford Ranger Seat Covers – Universal (Front Pair)

  • Pair of Waterproof Front Seat Covers (4 plain colours)
  • Fit all Ford Ranger models and cabs from 1999 on
  • Universal fitting so can also be used in other vehicles
  • Compatible with airbags, heated seats and leather seats





Waterproof front seat covers for the Ford Ranger pickup truck. These universal fit covers can be used to protect seats in a wide range of vehicles.

Ford Ranger Pickup Truck
Models: All Double, Super and Single Cabs
Model Years: 1999 to present

Hard wearing and waterproof seat covers to protect your front seats from being damaged by dogs, dirt, drinks, dust, food, grease, ink, mud, oil, scuffing, sun and wear and tear.

The premium quality polyester fabric is resistant to colour fading, shrinking and stretching. It is more comfortable than nylon and does not get too hot or cold in summer or winter.
Available in 4 plain colours as well as camouflage blue, green and grey.

The covers slip over the front seats and cover the entire back of the seat, down to the base. They are held in place by an elasticated front and adjustable strap clips around the base.
They have openings for seat mounted side airbags and are compatible with heated and leather seats.

Quick and easy to clean with a soft brush and damp cloth or sponge. A cool machine wash will remove more stubborn stains and odours.

2 Year Manufacturing Warranty


Made in the UK


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Black, Grey, Green, Beige