Rear Seat Cover for Dogs – Universal (Pickups and SUVs)

  • Dog Hammock Rear Seat Cover in Black
  • Suitable for 4×4, SUV and Pickup Trucks
  • Waterproof and resistant to claws and dog hairs
  • Secured to front and read headrests with buckle clips




Tough hammock style waterproof seat cover for dogs travelling in the rear.
Protects seats from claws, drool, hair, travel sickness and any accidents your dog may have.
Acts as a pet barrier to create a calmer and safer environment for you and your dog.

  • Universal fitting waterproof hammock-style rear seat cover in black
  • Pet barrier prevents dogs from jumping into the front seats
  • Protects seats from wet dogs, hairs, mud, sickness, drool, stains
  • Resistant to scratching, tearing, claws, scuffing, spills and other liquids
  • Pockets for water bottles and openings for seat belt buckles
  • Middle zip allows access to seat on one side for passenger to sit
  • Protects seats when transporting other items like diy or garden waste.


Simple to fit, secured to front and rear headrests with buckle clips
Cover is quick and easy to remove and store away when not in use
Most stains can be cleaned with sponge or brush and soapy water
Will fit headrests in the majority of 4×4, suv and pickup trucks
Overall Dimensions = 147cm x 145cm